Friday, January 4, 2019

Honesty is not the best policy. This is!!

I am genuinely very glad today, it’s not because of any material thing that I have got but because I am writing about one of my favorite topics, and I am 100% sure you will be blessed a lot from this post. According to my writing culture, before telling you about the topic let me tell you a short story I read in a book. 

The story is about a Native American and it goes like this- 

An American Indian, visiting his white neighbors, asked for a little tobacco, and one of them, having some loose tobacco in his pocket, gave him a handful. On the next day, the Native American came back, saying he had found a quarter of a dollar among the tobacco. After being told that he could keep the quarter, he replied, pointing to his chest: "I got a good man and a bad man here; and the good man says, 'It is not mine, I must return it to the owner;' the bad man says, 'Why he gave it to you, and it is your own now.' The good man says, 'That not right, the tobacco is yours, not the money;' but the bad man says, 'Never mind, you got it, go buy some drink. The good man says, 'No, no, you must not do so;' so I don't know what to do, and I think to go to sleep, but the good man and the bad keep talking all night, and trouble me; and now I bring the money back, I feel good." 

You might be wondering what could be the story about and some of you might have thought that it may be about Honesty. Let me tell you friends that you are very close. 
But it is INTEGRITY. 

You may question me, “Ashish what’s the difference between the two”? And the good news is that I will help you to discover all about it.

Let me give you three examples which will explain Integrity and Honesty.

E.g.,1 Suppose a mother gives her boy Rs.20 to buy a soap and the boy goes to the market bought a soap for Rs.18 and left with Rs. 2, he comes home, gives the soap to his mother, mother don’t ask anything to her boy related to the money and the boy also don’t tell her anything. Friends you can say that the boy was not honest, and yes, you are true, He wasn’t.

Let’s understand the example from another angle. 

Suppose the boy came up with the soap, and we remember that he has Rs. 2 left. He gave the soap to his mother, mother ask the price of the soap and ask for the Rs. 2 that were left. The boy gave Rs.2 to his mother.
No problem, Right. Great!

What is the example about- Honesty or Integrity?
The answer is Honesty. I will tell you why it’s Honesty but let me take you to the example and see it from one more angle.

Suppose the boy came up with the soap, and he has Rs. 2 left. He gave the soap and Rs.2 to his mother. No asking. No arguments.
What is this- Honesty or Integrity?
The answer you know, yes it is INTEGRITY.

It was Honesty when the boy was ASKED about the money, and he honestly gave it to his mother. But, it was Integrity when he gave the money left along with the soap without his mother asking about the money. The major difference in this example is that when the boy was asked by his mother about the money, THEN he gave it to her. But in another instance when he just simply handed the soap and money left without any question asked, this was something extraordinary. 

Honesty and Integrity are very much used interchangeably by many. But as I mentioned an example to make it clear that there is a difference between them. 

Integrity is higher in degree than Honesty. 
Integrity is the faithful support of a standard of values. It is being Righteous, Upright and Blameless. 

I found this inspiring video on Integrity. Click the link below to watch.

Honesty is good but Integrity is great, 
and according to Jim Collins, “Good is the enemy of Great”, so love Great, which is INTEGRITY. 

E.g., 2 Honesty is when we have an invigilator in the examination room, and we don’t cheat. Integrity is when we don’t have an invigilator in the examination room, and we don’t cheat.

E.g., 3 Honesty is when we stop at red signal seeing traffic policeman, Integrity is when we stop at red signal even if there is no traffic policeman. 

Honesty is being true to others, Integrity is being true to yourself. 

-Ashish Parnani



  1. Very helpful and wise. LORD, help us walk in integrity with honesty.
    In Christ. Amen.

  2. Another way to see Integrity....alignment of thought, word, and deed

  3. Very well explain
    May many people will understands the difference between the honesty vs integrity through this blog
    God bless you Ashish Sir
    For the encouragement!!


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