Saturday, February 23, 2019

Agape Relationship - Part 1

I remember when I was 11. I was a huge Cricket fanatic, I still am. I told my mother one day that I need a Cricket Bat, My mother simply said no, because we didn’t have money for a cricket bat at that time. I was not very much happy. I didn’t talk to my mother properly for some days. My mother knew that by not talking to her, I am indirectly telling her to buy me a Cricket Bat. And after few days, when I returned from my school, around 2:30 in the afternoon, I saw a brand new Kingfisher Bat, from which Mr. Saurav Ganguly used to play, not exactly the same one, mind you, leaning to the wall. Friends, you cannot imagine how elated I was, I was hoping for any cheap common Cricket bat, but my mother brought me a Branded one. 

I mentioned the above instance to tell you, that I was very young, only 11, I was very obstinate for the things which I really want. But, my Parents, even in their scarcity fulfilled my unnecessary wishes. I didn’t know what the difference between a want and a need was. My parents tried their level best to fulfill my demands.

As I was growing, I realized about the futile demands I made to my parents. I still regret lots of terrible things I have done to get what I want. It's true that we don’t understand these at the very young age because we are very immature in thinking, mediocre in doing things, infants to the big Family issues; and that’s why God has given us the second best gift, according to me – PARENTS. Friends as you are reading this article, remember the sacrifices your parents made for you since your birth, remember how much they toiled themselves for you, ask yourself what you have done for them, except demanding the riches of this world throughout your Life. 
How is our Relationship with our Parents?

Agape is Greek work which means Unconditional and or Selfless Love. When I say Agape relationship, all I mean is to have a loving relationship with our Parents without any conditions and selfishness. We must be ready to sacrifice ourselves in love for our parents. This is the highest degree of love. 

After God, they should be the most important to us, they are the people who brought us into this world, who taught us the basics of life, gave us everything good maybe they don’t enjoy the same, their only motto was to see us grow, they have made unlimited sacrifices to make us who we are today, and they are the people without which we are absolutely nothing - ZERO. 

Action Steps for Agape Relationship 
- Get yourself right with Your Parents. Get your Relationship very strong with them; because I have seen many people, their lives are now disastrous without their Parents support and Blessings. 

 - Talk to them in a nice and soft way, a playful approach is totally fine as they are intimate to you.

 - Try Hard to obey them in everything. (Sacrificial Attitude is needed)

 - Walk to them in your difficulties, share with them your Problems, they may not give you the answer you are seeking but they will encourage you to face the Problem with full might.

 - Submit yourselves to them, as an Ideal Child.

  - Don’t denounce your parents; especially in front of others.

"Your achievement of Success depends on the Relationship with your Parents."
                                                                            - Ashish Parnani 

  -Ashish Parnani

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