Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Agape Relationship - Part 2

Agape is a Greek word which means Unconditional and or Selfless Love
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How is your relationship with your friends? Or the first question I should ask you is whether you have friends or not because I have seen many people, especially youngsters, alone. They are alone at home, outside, even at school or college. Loneliness can be your biggest enemy sometimes, not your friend. So, have friends. And out of your friend circle have someone as your best friend with whom you can share problems. Everyone needs a friend.

"If your relationship with your friend is sour at present get it sweet immediately lest it turns bitter."

How is your relationship with your relatives?
Do your relatives really know you by name?
Do you talk to them often?
Do you visit them or do they visit your house?

The questions I asked may sound you somewhat strange, but they are absolutely relevant to us, especially me. Till a few years ago, I didn’t know the names of my grandfathers’ brothers. I have met them many times but hardly bothered to know their names or about them. My relationship with my relatives is still average and I am working on it and I advise you also to start work on it if it is the same case with you because I have experienced that if you want to live in this human society, you need to have the favor of your relatives along with your parents and friends.

How is your relationship with your colleagues? It’s not only the blood relation that matters us in this life, but also the business relations as well.

Have you made friends at work?
How open are you with your colleagues?
Are you offering your help to them, whey they ask?
Are you taking their help when you need?

Friends we spend 40- 50% of our life doing work, think, how much important it is to build a very strong relationship with our fellow colleagues at work.

Action Steps

  • Get to know them at work.
  • Don’t wait for others to come and talk to you, you go and initiate the relationship.
  • Help everyone, if possible. Don’t be people pleaser.
  • Enhance your networking with every department.
  • Praise them even for their small help.
  • Invest your talent and skills for their growth.
  • Be T.R.U.E. - Trustworthy, Real, Unique, Easygoing.
"Build mighty relationships for almighty results."

Our relationship with others is a very significant aspect of the process of Success. Our relation determines our results in our work. If our relationship at home with our family is good, our work at the office will also be good and vice-versa because when the things are going fine we are at peace; our mental state of mind is at ease. We are mentally calm. If husband and wife are intimate with each other at home, this will have an impact on their work outside.
Let’s don’t give room to bitterness in a relationship. Let’s be completely humble in it. If a mistake is done, be the one to apologize first. If anything good is done to you, be the one to say Thank you.

"Relationships are built from inside and have an impact outside. We may not be a friend with everyone but then don’t be an enemy too."

- Ashish Parnani

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