Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Noble House Leadership

India’s phenomenal growth has resulted in the creation of a new business environment characterized by the new strategy, structure, systems, and innovative approaches. Successful corporate transformation depends on the articulation of a concise and compelling vision in the business success model which would require organizations to develop global leaders across all levels. 

Leaders who can consistently interact with both external stakeholders and internal stakeholders can contribute to creativity and innovation in organizations. There is growing evidence that the manifestation of leadership has changed in the light of the new social and economic circumstances that organizations are facing today. There is a growing belief among the leaders of organizations that traditional hierarchical organization cannot cope with the nature of change taking place. Many problems faced by the organizations can be traced to the lack of leadership. Thus, it is imperative that those who are responsible for providing leadership in organizations possess the vision, knowledge, and skills that are needed to bring about corporate transformation. Leaders have to possess the virtues that can be profitable for the organization and beneficial for the employees. Leaders have to understand that they are not just building a system of growth but also raising future leaders for the country. The society needs those leaders who have the guts to be truthful and faithful towards the people at all times.

We need Noble House Leadership.

Noble has nothing to do with rank, title or birth to the aristocracy. Noble here, means the manifestation of fine personal qualities and or high moral principles. The Noble House Leadership demands a Leader to act as a person of virtuous and righteous being. 
Generally, there are two types of houses; unfurnished and furnished. Now, tell me, which house a thief would prefer to rob? Of course, it would be a furnished one. Why? Because a furnished house has many items like Television, Money, Gold, Costly Fancy Items, Furniture, Gadgets, etc, which a thief could steal as it is the thief’s income source. Same way, a Noble House Leader has many things like; Honesty, Uprightness, Generosity, Simplicity, Humbleness, Anti-corruption, Truthfulness, Integrity, etc. A Leader is the Noble House from which people will take these things for them, they may actually steal it without even noticed by a leader, but that’s good because these things are imperishable, unlike man-made furnished items.

Would you be angry if your son or daughter steals from you any of your virtue and use it in his or her life? I am sure you wouldn't. Rather you would be happy. If your junior says to you that you are an empathic person, tell me what he or she is learning from you - it is the same quality.  Imagine, while talking to your friend or a relative you heard them saying that you are a humble person, you would be glad to hear that. Above all, you would be happier if you would be able to transfer that humbleness to your friend. If you are successful in doing so, you are a Noble House. 

Friends, let people see your good deeds, and be a Noble House because you are a LEADER who is creating Leaders. 

“Success is...

knowing your purpose in life,
growing to reach your maximum potential, and
sowing seeds that benefit others.” 
- John C. Maxwell

- Ashish Parnani

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