Sunday, March 22, 2020

Corona Leadership - Give up to Go Up!!

When would you think that such a thing happened in our country which has a significant impact on human lives?

It seems the world has gone upside - down with the emergence of this pandemic - COVID-19. We are watching on television and getting updates on our phones on the number of deaths, people who are tested positive, those who are in quarantine, those who ran from there, etc. This global situation is giving me a feeling, especially today 22nd March 2020 as if the world has come to a HALT.

Next few days are going to be very crucial for our country. India has to show more discipline, be more vigilant, and obedient to the government advisory. 

A few days ago when our honourable Prime Minister said that 22nd March is going to be a 'Janta Curfew'. I thought it as a smart move to break the chain of the Coronavirus. However, I came to know that not all Janta is going to sit at home. He requests to his countrymen to clap /appreciate those who will be out in streets and roads to ensure that the people follow 'Janta Curfew' and be safe at home.

Then a question came in my mind! Why these people are OUT as they also need to be at home with their families and to protect themselves as well?

It was then, Corona Leadership was born.

Corona Leadership is a leadership approach which emerges in CRISIS. It works in four levels as you see in the image below - 

1. Love thy Strangers - A Corona Leader will love his or her strangers. For a Corona Leader, there are many people whom he or she do not know by name or face. They are absolute strangers for them. But why these leaders are still performing their duties to protect their strange citizens of their country? They are not getting extra money or medals. They are out there where the virus is - sacrificing their lives to safeguard strangers. 

2. Love thy Neighbours - Neighbours are those people whom the Corona Leader know them by face, have met them, many be know their names, their office would be near their office or they live near to their house, These people are neighbour to a Corona Leader. He or she does not have a close relationship but knows that they are around them and they care for them and are ready to give themselves for them in a crisis situation.

"Leadership is influence - Nothing more, nothing less".

3. Love thy Family - For a Corona Leader, a family is one to whom he or she has an intimate relationship with, they live together under one roof and or have blood relation. A Corona Leader keeps his or her family on the third level. Corona Leaders can choose to be with their families lockdown just like other people to protect themselves and their loved ones, but they choose to be out there doing their outstanding best so that strangers and neighbours can be safe and their families are proud of their unconditional efforts. A genuine Corona Leader gives the priority to the CAUSE and his or her family respects it.

4. Love thyself - At last, our great Corona Leaders think of themselves. When the whole world is afraid of catching the virus, this leader is doing all to curb the effect, treat the patients to bring them to a normal state, patrolling to ensure peace in the four walls of the city and whatnot. Not everyone can become a Corona Leader. He or She has to possess that attitude of sacrificial nature and loving people unconditionally. This leader puts others first without knowing their caste, creed or religion.

Corona Leadership is about others, for others, to others - without any strings attached!!

As we know that many doctors, nurses are treating patients, policemen are patrolling the cities, para-military forces are appointed in some areas, shopkeepers are still there to provide us with basic necessities of survival. There are others who are doing extraordinary work to keep strangers, neighbours, family safe - THESE ARE TRUE CORONA LEADERS!!

I am writing to request you to applaud the efforts of these leaders and remember that in future we may also be called to repay the same -


I wish this to be the last pandemic that this world face. Or is it??

- Ashish Parnani

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